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what is dry ice
what is dry ice
what is dry ice


Revel in the Marvels of What is Dry Ice: Unleash its Remarkable Potential | Dry Ice Pakistan


What is Dry Ice?

Dry Ice is essentially solid carbon dioxide (CO2). Its unique characteristic is its extreme coldness, with temperatures plummeting to as low as -78°C. This frigid substance undergoes a fascinating transformation from a solid state directly into a gas, a process known as sublimation. Unlike traditional ice, Dry Ice never transitions into a liquid, which is why it’s aptly named “dry” ice.

Properties and Versatility

Our Dry Ice boasts a range of exceptional properties. It is non-toxic, Food Grade certified, and exhibits colorlessness, odorlessness, and non-flammability. Surprisingly, it’s derived from the same CO2 gas that carbonates your favorite soda water.

Applications: From Industry to Entertainment

At standard air temperature, Dry Ice swiftly sublimates, transforming from a solid into a gas. This unique property is the key to its captivating effects and its versatility. Dry Ice finds applications across diverse sectors, from heavy industry and mining to elevating home entertainment experiences.

Eco-Friendly and Carbon-Neutral

What’s more, Dry Ice is eco-friendly. When it sublimates and becomes a gas, it doesn’t generate new carbon dioxide. Instead, it releases the original by-product back into the atmosphere. This makes it a carbon-neutral process, contributing to a greener environment.

One of the noteworthy features of using Dry Ice is its eco-friendliness. When Dry Ice transforms into a gas, it doesn’t generate new carbon dioxide; it simply releases the original by-product back into the atmosphere. This makes it a carbon-neutral process, aligning with environmentally-conscious practices.

Intriguing, isn’t it? Dry Ice’s remarkable properties make it a subject of fascination and a valuable resource with a multitude of applications. Whether for industrial purposes or creating stunning visual effects, Dry Ice remains a versatile and environmentally-friendly choice.

The Exceptional Properties of Our Dry Ice

Our Dry Ice goes beyond mere coldness. It is non-toxic, Food Grade certified, and possesses a colorless, odorless, and non-flammable nature. Remarkably, it is derived from the very gas used to carbonate your favorite soda water.

A Dynamic Substance with Many Applications

At standard air temperature, Dry Ice rapidly undergoes sublimation, evaporating directly from a solid to a gas. This unique property leads to the creation of captivating effects and renders it versatile for various uses, spanning from the heavy industry and mining sectors to enhancing home entertainment experiences.

Storage and Transport

Storing and transporting Dry Ice requires proper handling to maximize its utility.


  • Optimal storage involves insulated containers, with better insulation resulting in slower sublimation.
  • Avoid storing Dry Ice in a refrigerator or freezer, unless used for temperature control.
  • Never store it in an airtight or glass container, as sublimation can cause expansion or rupture.
  • Always store Dry Ice in well-ventilated areas to prevent the accumulation of carbon dioxide gas, which can be hazardous.


  • For small quantities, use well-insulated containers or foam boxes.
  • For larger quantities, we recommend our specialized Low Loss Containers.
  • These containers are designed to reduce sublimation, ensuring Dry Ice stays in prime condition during transportation and storage.
  • Our Low Loss Containers come in various sizes, some with wheels, capable of holding up to 200kg, 250kg, and 350kg of Dry Ice.

At Dry Ice Pakistan, we’re committed to providing you with high-quality Dry Ice products and solutions. Contact us for all your Dry Ice needs and discover the versatility of this extraordinary substance.

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