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About DryIce.pk: Your Trusted Dry Ice Supplier in Pakistan

At DryIce.pk, we are the premier source for high-quality dry ice in Pakistan. With a network of 47 strategically positioned dry ice distribution facilities and a cutting-edge liquid CO2 facility, we proudly serve Karachi and the entire nation. Our commitment to this integrated distribution network is driven by our unwavering dedication to meeting our customers’ dry ice needs promptly and efficiently, making us the top choice for dry ice in Karachi and throughout Pakistan.

Our mission is to provide not just dry ice but also exceptional service, ensuring that our customers experience convenience, reliability, and quality at every step of their dry ice journey. Join us as we continue to set the standard for excellence in the dry ice industry.

Welcome to Dry Ice Supplier in Pakistan

At DryIce.pk, we are the foremost authority in the manufacturing and distribution of top-grade dry ice and liquid carbon dioxide in Pakistan. As the nation’s largest distributor of cutting-edge dry ice blasting equipment, we cater to various industries, with a strong focus on Karachi and the entire country. With an extensive network of 47 strategically located dry ice distribution facilities and a state-of-the-art liquid CO2 facility, we ensure swift and efficient service for all your dry ice needs, right here in Karachi and across Pakistan.

With a solid presence in the industry for the past two years, DryIce.pk has played a pivotal role in promoting the use of dry ice across diverse sectors, thanks to its affordability and versatility. The demand for high-quality dry ice continues to surge, particularly with the advent of groundbreaking technology like dry ice blasting. We lead the way in this growing field, offering sales and rentals of cutting-edge dry ice blasting equipment and providing top-notch blasting dry ice to meet the evolving demands of Karachi and the entire Pakistani market.

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Company History of Dry Ice Supplier in Pakistan:

Established in 2019, DryIce.pk embarked on its journey as a dry ice distributor, initially serving the vibrant cities of Karachi and Lahore. However, by the mid-2019s, DryIce.pk took a significant step forward by commencing dry ice manufacturing operations right here in Karachi, Pakistan. In the past year, our growth trajectory has been marked by strategic acquisitions of regional dry ice distributors and the establishment of state-of-the-art dry ice manufacturing facilities, strategically positioned to provide a readily available supply of dry ice to our ever-expanding customer base.

To accommodate this expansion, we’ve opened new branch warehouses, ensuring that our increased production capacity aligns seamlessly with our commitment to swiftly address customer service needs. This extensive manufacturing and distribution network underscores our dedication to being a dependable source of dry ice while remaining the preferred low-cost supplier in the markets we serve.

Since our inception, DryIce.pk has maintained an unblemished track record of profitability, culminating in a successful year-end for 2020. Currently, our dedicated team comprises approximately 55 professionals who contribute to our continued success.