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20KG Dry Ice Box


Packaging Size 20kg
Physical State solid, Pellets
Usage Industrial, Laboratory,

Personal, Freezing, etc.

Packaging Type Insulated
Grade Standard Bio-Tech Grade
Purity 98.9%
Pellets Diameter 16mm

Box Diameter        21.5” x 16.1” x 9.4” (Standard size or As Availability)

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20kg Dry Ice Box - Elevate Your Cooling Game, Unleash the Magic!

Chill in Style - Perishable Preservation Perfected

Are you tired of traditional ice letting you down, causing your goods to turn soggy and ruined? Say farewell to the limitations of conventional ice and embrace the enchantment of our Dry Ice 20kg Box. This innovative cooling solution takes preservation to the next level, extending the freshness of your perishables while adding a touch of magic to your storage needs. Crafted from solid carbon dioxide, this dry ice wonder sublimates, leaving no messy residue behind. Step into the future of cooling as you effortlessly preserve your food, beverages, and delicate items with a dash of style.

Unleash Your Creativity - The Ultimate Special Effects Arsenal!

Calling all creatives, event planners, and party enthusiasts! The Dry Ice 20kg Box isn't just for preserving perishables; it's a game-changer for creating jaw-dropping special effects! Transform any event into a mystical wonderland with captivating low-lying fog or bewitching smoke cascades. Whether it's a theatrical production, a themed party, or a mesmerizing photoshoot, let your imagination run wild and watch the Dry Ice 20kg Box work its magic to leave an indelible impression on your audience.

Emergency Preparedness - The Reliable Power Backup You Deserve

When emergencies strike and power outages threaten your daily life, be prepared with the Dry Ice 20kg Box. This versatile product doubles as a dependable power backup for various essential devices. Acting as a temperature-controlled storage unit, it's ideal for safeguarding temperature-sensitive medications and extending the life of critical supplies during unforeseen circumstances. Don't let unexpected events catch you off guard; invest in the Dry Ice 20kg Box to stay prepared, cool, and in control.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 21.5 × 16.1 × 9.4 cm
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